Episode 82: Matt Wheeler – Great Lake Swimmers/Ongiara

Our guest today is one Matt Wheeler. The terms “troubadour”, “poet with a guitar”, & “stage banter-conversationalist” all describe Matt Wheeler’s music & performance style well. Matt’s songwriting paints pictures with words. Matt has delighted audiences from New England to North Carolina, Ontario to Chicago. His new album “Wonder of it All” – a collection of songs based on classic works of literature like “The Little Prince” & “The Hobbit”, was released on 5/21/21.

For our conversation today, we are going to be discussing Ongiara “ahn-gee-AR-uh”, with a hard “g – the third studio album by Canadian folk rock band Great Lake Swimmers, released on March 27, 2007. The album was released on Nettwerk and the band recorded most of the album in London, Ontario’s historic music venue Aeolian Hall with producer Andy Magoffin.

For those wondering, Ongiara is the name of a boat that ferried the band to the site where they recorded the first demo. It’s also the original indigenous name of Niagara Falls. Enjoy and thanks for listening!


Episode 81: Keith Valcourt – Prince/Purple Rain

Our guest today is one Keith Valcourt. Keith is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp. He is also the co-author of the forthcoming autobiography of 1980’s new wave singer Dale Bozzio titled “Life Is So Strange: Missing Persons, Frank Zappa, Prince and more.”

Previously Keith worked as Global Project Manager for GeneSimmonsVault.com, an Artist Development rep at Capitol-EMI Records and as an actor in several TV shows and films including: “The Exes,” “Retired At 35,” “General Hospital” and his best known role as Ted on an episode of “The Office.” You can find everything that Keith is up to online over at: www.KeithValcourt.com

For our conversation today, we are going to be discussing Prince and The Revolution’s monumental record known as Purple Rain. This is Prince Rogers Nelson’s sixth studio album, which was released on June 25, 1984, by Warner Bros. Records. The album also serves as a soundtrack to the 1984 film of the same name. Enjoy!


Episode 80: Mitch Easter – Stephen Duffy/Duffy

Our guest today is a native of Winston-Salem, NC. He is one Mitch Easter, legendary front man of the acclaimed Let’s Active and record producer at the Drive-In and Fidelitorium Recordings. For our listeners who might be unfamiliar with Mitch’s musical career to date … Easter formed Let’s Active in 1981 and that same year, produced R.E.M.’s debut single “Radio Free Europe,” which was issued on Johnny Hibbert’s label Hibtone Records in Atlanta. Incidentally, Radio Free Europe is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2021 and a reissue of an exact replica of Hibbert’s 7” mix is now available as of July 23rd, shortly before the time of this interview.

Easter went on to produce for R.E.M. their Chronic Town EP in 1982, their first full-length Murmur in 1983, and shortly afterwards, Reckoning. Murmur’s success also drew more attention to Easter, as did the release of Let’s Active’s debut EP Afoot, which launched the cult hit “Every Word Means No.” Mitch has produced the likes of Pavement, Wilco, Suzanne Vega, Dinosaur, Jr., The Baseball Project, Chris Stamey, The dBs, Alejandro Escovedo, A Fragile Tomorrow – the list goes on and on. He is also part of an ensemble that over the past few years has paid homage to Big Star’s Third record. And I would be remiss if I did not mention that he was also inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame in 2019.

Our conversation today will center on British singer/songwriter Stephen Duffy and his second solo offering from 1995 titled “Duffy” where Mitch both produced and contributed electric guitar. Some may know Stephen Duffy as a founding member, vocalist and bassist of Duran Duran and later the front man for the folk rock outfit The Lilac Time.

This record is an auditory delight. If you are unfamiliar with it, please go out and get your own copy. Enjoy the conversation!


Episode 79: David “Vlad” Urban – Sonic Youth/Daydream Nation

Our guest today is one David “Vlad” Urban – Vocalist, Guitarist, and keyboard player in the Shoegaze / Postpunk trio – Waking Lily. He is also a member of the Experimental Electronic Dirge Duo known as Filament Band.

For our conversation today, we are going to be discussing Daydream Nation: the 5th studio album by American alternative rock band Sonic Youth, which was released on Enigma Records on October 18, 1988.

Daydream Nation has since been widely considered to be Sonic Youth’s greatest work and was chosen by the Library of Congress to be preserved in the National Recording Registry in 2005. Enjoy!


Episode 78: Derek Evry – Mark Mulcahy / The Gus

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For today’s episode we have a return guest, Mr. Derek Evry. Derek is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has gone on to front several successful rock bands in the D.C. area (1999-2006) before briefly attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA (2006) and returning to D.C. to work on his own music.

For our conversation today, we will be placing our focus on American musician @mark_mulcahy and his 2019 solo record titled The Gus. For those unfamiliar, he is the front man for the New Haven, CT based band Miracle Legion. He later formed @thebandpolaris : a house band for the mid-1990s alternative TV series The Adventures of Pete & Pete.
To quote our guest verbatim about The Gus, “Each song on this album is a double sided coin of both joy and pain. It’s the perfect record for almost every occasion. Mark, being an already very accomplished songwriter, really takes this one to a personal yet eccentric place. Do not skip this album.” Enjoy! 🙂🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌✋👉👆👉#markmulcahy#thegus#covertocoverpodcast#covertocover#covertocoverwithmt


Episode 77: Craig Patrick (AKA Giants of Diving) – Patty Griffin / Living with Ghosts

Episode 77 is now avail on 🍏, Google, Amazon and Stitcher!

We sat down to speak with artist Craig Patrick of @giantsofdiving : a guitar-driven, synth-tinged, multi-hyphenated, indie-pop/rock with all vocals and instrumentation recorded by Patrick using a microphone, three guitars, a synthesizer, a laptop computer, a tangle of wires, and some very powerful audio recording software he barely understands. Craig is also a poet with writing published in Forth Magazine, Door is a Jar, and Algebra of Owls among other places.

Our conversation today digs deep into the beauty, rawness and authenticity of @pattygmusic ‘s debut studio from 1996 titled Living With Ghosts. Enjoy! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🤚✌️🏠👻#pattygriffin#livingwithghosts#covertocover#covertocoverwithmt


Episode 76: Jon Garcia (of Jon Garcia and the Hopeless Romantics) – Switchfoot / The Beautiful Letdown

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Our guest today is @hopelessromanticjon : musician and front man for the appropriately named pop rock outfit @jhrmusic

We caught up with Garcia by telephone and discussed @switchfoot ‘s fourth studio record The Beautiful Letdown. There is an unmistakable passion in Garcia’s voice when talking about a band that has had one of the most profound influences on his musicianship. Enjoy! 😊


Episode 75: Julia Cain – The (Dixie) Chicks/Taking the Long Way

Episode 75 is now avail on 🍏, Google, Stitcher and Amazon!

Folklorist and college administrator @juliaecain & I discussed @thechicks and their seventh studio album Taking the Long Way, which was released in 2006 on Columbia Nashville. The Chicks received quite a back of backlash at this juncture of their career for their beliefs and their refusal to apologize or back down to anyone. This long-form interview with Julia is in the truest sense of the word an examination of a band who continues to put out great music, and still “not ready to make nice.” Enjoy! Link in bio 😄
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Episode 74: Hannah Garrison of Wear Your Music – Madonna

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In today’s episode, we meet Hannah Garrison, President of @wearyourmusic .

WYM makes music memorabilia from used and donated materials in an effort to help green the music industry, connect fans to musicians and raise money for charities around the globe.

In addition to her current entrepreneurial ventures, Garrison spearheads a success-accelerating consulting practice anchored by a team of entrepreneurs who are changing the world. Via group and private session work, they offer strategy, clarity and organizational help to individuals and businesses.

Our conversation centers around @madonna – AKA the “Queen of Pop,” and the imprint her career has left on Hannah both personally and professionally. Enjoy!



Episode 73: Josh Engle – The Devils Wears Prada/Plagues

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In today’s episode, we called up Liverpool, PA’s @joshwearsprada . Josh plays guitar in two different bands, including @illusionofsolace and Elsewhere, and owns the recording studio @nativestudiospa .

For our conversation today, we’ll be discussing a “Christian metalcore “ band that has greatly influenced Josh – @tdwpband and their studio album Plagues. Plagues was recorded at The Foundation Recording Studios, Connersville, Indiana and originally released back on August 21, 2007 on Rise Records. Enjoy! 😊🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👆👆👆


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