Episode 103: Jeff Cumpson – John Hiatt/Bring the Family

Today, we are speaking with a very old friend of mine. He is one Jeffrey Thomas Cumpson. These days, he’s a marketing professional and I also know him as a musical mastermind in such projects as The 9th Great Power and The Block Signals.

I first met Jeff in the summer of 1989 on the ball fields in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Sports were always part of the fabric of our friendship and as time marched on, music also began playing a crucial role – fiddling around with a four-track recorder, writing our own songs, playing in high school variety shows and the like.

For our conversation, we will be discussing in great detail John Hiatt and his eighth studio record called Bring the Family, which was released on May 29, 1987 for A&M Records. This was a pivotal moment in Hiatt’s career, as it very well could have been his last chance in the music business.

Welcome in and enjoy!


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