Episode 94: Avi Walter – Frank Zappa/Apostrophe

Our guest today is Avi Walter, bassist for several DC bands including Albino Rhino, Bells & Huntersallthebestkids and is now the bassist for the group Friday Night Flicks, a project which began in April of 2020.

In addition to his passion for music, Avi has a degree in alternative medicine and physiology, so health and human performance are always top of mind.

For our conversation today, we’re going to discuss Frank Zappa and his self-produced 1974 record Apostrophe.  Apostrophe was recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York City; Bolic Sound in Inglewood, California; Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California and was released on Diskreet Records. We delve deep into the mind of Frank Zappa and his prolific musical output during his lifetime.

Enjoy the conversation!


Episode 93: RJ Conrad – Dave Matthews – Tim Reynolds / Live at Luther College

Our guest today is one R.J. Conrad from the Harrisburg, PA band six-piece known as Rascal Revival. They recently released an EP titled Passing Time Around, which you should take the time to seek out and put the band on your radar.

For our conversation today, we’re going to discuss a collaboration between Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews Band and multi-instrumentalist Tim Reynolds of TR3, and the profound impact this record had on our guest.

Of course, we are talking about Live at Luther College – a live album from Dave and Tim, which was recorded at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, on February 6, 1996,

The album features several previously unreleased or rare tracks, including “What Will Become of Me?”, which would later be used as the basis for the song “Pantala Naga Pampa” on the 1998 studio album Before These Crowded Streets. Six songs would appear on the studio album Crash, released later in 1996.

Enjoy the conversation!


Episode 92: Ron Babcock – The Breeders/Last Splash

Our guest today is one Ron Babcock.

Ron Babcock is a comedian and editor living in Los Angeles. His debut album THIS GUY. went to #1 on iTunes Comedy and #13 on Billboard Comedy. He’s appeared on Adam Devine’s House Party, Last Comic Standing and other cancelled shows. He’s edited for Netflix, Disney, HBO, Adult Swim and others – most recently, CAT BURGLAR, an interactive series which debuted on February 22nd, 2022 on Netflix. He’s also currently working on a project animating voicemails his mom leaves him.

Our conversation centers around a Dayton, Ohio alternative rock band known as The Breeders and their second studio album, Last Splash, which was released back on August 30, 1993 on 4AD/Elektra Records. Last Splash was recorded at Coast Recorders, North Hollywood, Brilliant Studios, San Francisco and Refraze Recording Studio, Dayton. Last Splash was produced by guitarist Kim Deal, along with Mark Freegard. Enjoy the conversation!


Episode 91: Max Feinstein – Red Hot Chili Peppers/By the Way

Our guest today is one Max Feinstein. He’s a musician, producer, studio owner, inventor and a New Jersey based hemophilia advocate using music to promote bleeding disorder awareness. Incidentally, March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month. Learn more about BDAM by clicking here.

Currently, Max is promoting singles off a record he wrote while spending the better part of the last 18 months rehabilitating an elbow after a decade of living with severe osteoarthritis.

He is also the inventor of the Mod Stand.

After years of negotiating minimal and never-certain stage space in the myriad small clubs, house shows, bars and coffee shops he played, Hoboken-based guitarist, studio owner, recording engineer and now inventor Max Feinstein developed an idea that would help streamline and simplify his own on-stage setup.

For our conversation today, we’re going to discuss the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their eighth studio album By the Way, BTW (which sees guitarist John Frusciante back in the fold) was recorded at Cello and Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, California and released on July 9, 2002, on Warner Bros. Records.

Max is a great fellow to speak with, and I think you may develop a deeper appreciation for the RHCP after listening to his thoughts on By the Way. Enjoy!


Episode 90: Brittany Valint – Rhett Miller/The Instigator

Our guest today is one Brittany Valint, who is no stranger to the program. Previously, we dissected Ben Kweller’s 2002 record Sha Sha, which you can listen to in Episode 70. Brittany is someone who I’ve gotten to know a little more over the past year and I’m so proud to call her a friend. She makes up one-half of the atmospheric project known as Wall of Trophies with her co-conspirator Will Copps, and also pens songs under her own moniker, Brittany Jean.

This time around, Brittany has selected The Instigator, – the second solo album from Rhett Miller, front man of the legendary band known as Old 97’s. The Instigator, which was released on Elektra back on September 24, 2002, is chock-full of excellent artists in their own right alongside Rhett, including multi-instrumentalist and producer Jon Brion, percussionist Lenny Castro, X’s John Doe, drummer Joshua Freese, songwriter/artist David Garza, legendary artist Robyn Hitchcock, Jim Keltner on drums, touring and session drummer Dan Mac Carroll on drums(Aimee Mann, Sheryl Crow and others), and vocalists Karen Kilgarriff and Chrissy Guerrero.

We take our conversation “track x track” and Brittany sprinkles in a few personal stories about seeing Rhett performing solo at The Kennedy Center in DC, and on one frigid night at Starr Hill in Charlottesville, VA. Enjoy!


Episode 89: Waylon K. Smith – Patrick Wolf/Lycanthropy

Waylon K. Smith is a singer-songwriter living in Bel-Air, MD. His sound is a mash up of Damon Albarn, Radiohead, REM, & Roger Waters. He is currently singing silly songs to his new daughter & booking live performances of his original tunes & the classics that inspired them.

Our conversation centers around English singer-songwriter, baroque chamber/electro pop artist Patrick Wolf and his debut studio album Lycanthropy, which was released back on July 28, 2003 on Tomlab. Enjoy!


Episode 88: M.R. Morrison – Patti Smith/Horses

Our guest today resides just outside of Harrisburg, PA and is no stranger to the program. She is one M.R. Morrison: an artist and poet of We Doubt The Call Even As We Answer It. At the present, she is no stranger to travel which is an integral element of her practice as an artist. Current projects include design for a board game (Daude; Seasons) and her second collection of poetry.

For our discussion today, Ms. Morrison has chosen HORSES the debut studio album from the artistic icon known as Patti Smith. Recorded with her band at Electric Lady Studios in August 1975, Horses was released on November 10, 1975, by Arista Records. My hope is you will enjoy this dissection of a brilliant album, track by track!


Episode 86: The W Lovers – David Rawlings/Poor David’s Almanack

Our guest today is one Fluer Wood and one Wesley Wood. Together they are The W Lovers from Seattle, Washington and have made their mark on the live music scene all over the American West, playing over 100 shows a year, since their inception in 2014.

Their sophomore album “This Little Town,’ was produced by Ryan Hadlock (Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers) and was released June 2019. ‘This Little Town’ made it to #1 on the Roots Alternative Folk Chart for three weeks and hit #8 on NAAC Folk Chart. Voted #2 album of the month on Americana Highways in July and made several college radio top 10 lists across the US.

Our conversation with Fluer and Wesley centers around David Rawling’s Poor David’s Almanack, which was released on August 11, 2017 via Acony Records and the eighth collaborative LP for Rawlings and Welch, and the first under the name David Rawlings. Enjoy!


Episode 85: Rory D’Lasnow – Taking Back Sunday/Where You Want to Be

Our guest today is one Rory D’Lasnow. Rory is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who plays the guitar upside down and backwards. He released his new EP, “Songs From an Empty Room” in Fall 2021 and you can catch him playing live throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Rory is also the host of an Instagram Live event once a week titled The Songwriter Showcase, which is an excellent way for those wishing to discover new songwriters and a place that I will recommend you give a follow.

For our conversation today, we will be discussing “Where You Want to Be” – the second album from Long Island, NY’s pop-punk outfit Taking Back Sunday. WYWTB was released on Victory Records back on July 27, 2004 and we took a deep dive into the lyrics, melodies and textures found on this record. Enjoy!