Episode 102 – Continental Drifters (Rock band)

Today’s conversation focuses on an as-yet untitled book written by musician Sean Kelly (A Fragile TomorrowSo Sure) about an acclaimed and criminally overlooked American rock and roll band known as Continental Drifters .

Formed in Los Angeles in 1991, the Drifters consist of guitarist/vocalist Vicki Peterson from The Bangles and The Psycho Sisters, bassist Mark Walton from The Dream Syndicate, Susan Cowsill of The Cowsills and also Psycho Sisters, Peter Holsapple from the dBs, Carlo Nuccio, Robert Maché, Russ Broussard and many others throughout the band’s history.

With Sean, I was delighted to speak with both Vicki and Mark, who go into great detail about the origins of the group, songs which comprise their 1998 studio album Vermilion, and so much more!

Be on the lookout for details surrounding the forthcoming biography on Instagram! @continentaldriftersbook


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