Episode 94: Avi Walter – Frank Zappa/Apostrophe

Our guest today is Avi Walter, bassist for several DC bands including Albino Rhino, Bells & Huntersallthebestkids and is now the bassist for the group Friday Night Flicks, a project which began in April of 2020.

In addition to his passion for music, Avi has a degree in alternative medicine and physiology, so health and human performance are always top of mind.

For our conversation today, we’re going to discuss Frank Zappa and his self-produced 1974 record Apostrophe.  Apostrophe was recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York City; Bolic Sound in Inglewood, California; Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California and was released on Diskreet Records. We delve deep into the mind of Frank Zappa and his prolific musical output during his lifetime.

Enjoy the conversation!


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