Episode 93: RJ Conrad – Dave Matthews – Tim Reynolds / Live at Luther College

Our guest today is one R.J. Conrad from the Harrisburg, PA band six-piece known as Rascal Revival. They recently released an EP titled Passing Time Around, which you should take the time to seek out and put the band on your radar.

For our conversation today, we’re going to discuss a collaboration between Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews Band and multi-instrumentalist Tim Reynolds of TR3, and the profound impact this record had on our guest.

Of course, we are talking about Live at Luther College – a live album from Dave and Tim, which was recorded at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, on February 6, 1996,

The album features several previously unreleased or rare tracks, including “What Will Become of Me?”, which would later be used as the basis for the song “Pantala Naga Pampa” on the 1998 studio album Before These Crowded Streets. Six songs would appear on the studio album Crash, released later in 1996.

Enjoy the conversation!


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