Episode 83: Chris Rider – JJ Grey & Mofro/Country Ghetto

Our guest today is one Chris Rider of Liverpool, PA. Chris is a photographer and an avid concertgoer. You can find him throughout south Central Pennsylvania and other parts of the Commonwealth behind a camera lens at a wide variety of venues including the Englewood near Hershey, PA and The Whitaker Center in Harrisburg.

We spoke in late July of 2021, one week before he was set to snap pictures of one of his all time favorite bands in action at Spy Glass Ridge Winery in Sunbury, PA.

So you may be wondering aloud now – what band are we referring to? Well, that would be a fantastic blues rock outfit from Jacksonville, FL known as JJ Grey and Mofro and their 2007 record titled Country Ghetto. Country Ghetto was the band’s third album and released on Alligator Records. There is an unmistakably deep connection between Chris and this record, which I hope comes through in this interview. Enjoy the conversation!


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