Episode 71: Matt Berry – The Stereo/ Rewind + Record)

Episode 71 is now avail on šŸ, Stitcher, Google and Amazon!

In today’s episode, we sat down to chat with guitarist/songwriter Matt Berry (@cfrequency ) about @thestereorock ā€˜s last LP titled Rewind + Record, which was released on @fueledby back in June of 2002. Many themes and musical moves are present on this record, but at its core is the belief in one’s art and power of letting go of people or things that weigh you down.
Fun Fact: Frontman Jamie Woolford has produced the last few albums by Classified Frequency.

Enjoy! Link in bio šŸ˜€ ā®+ āŗ podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cover-to-cover-with-matt-tarka/id1475576336


Please Note: While this was a 1 v 1 conversation, you may pick up traces of a screaming child being in the early stages of sleep training. It’s going much better now.


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