Episode 62: Sam Snow – Clutch/Clutch

Episode 62 is now out there on 🍏, Stitcher, Google podcasts and Amazon! DJ/Writer/Editor/Drum Monkey @jackcranberry (of Ill Uma Naughty, Motion Quotient) is our guest on today’s podcast. We sat down one morning to discuss in length Frederick, MD’s @clutchofficial and their eponymous 2nd album, Clutch.

Clutch was recorded at Uncle Punchy Studios, Silver Spring, MD in Dec, 1994 – Jan. 1995. Sam & I dug deep into the lyrics and their allusions to conspiracy theories (JFK, Alien technology, etc.). If you know Clutch, welcome in. If you haven’t met them, welcome in, dear listeners. Enjoy! Link in bio. 😊🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👆👆#clutch #clutchbandofficial #samsnow #covertocoverconversations #frederickmd #CovertoCoverwithMT


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