Episode 57: Kerriann Curtis – Mrs. Green Apple – “Who Are You?”

Episode 57 is now up on 🍏, google podcasts, Stitcher and others!

Today we have a guest who paid us a visit back in Episode 17, @kerricurtisart ! Kerriann has created an Instagram series of paintings showcasing her own work titled Art for the Afterlife, which you should most certainly check out!
We discussed a piece of music by @mgaband , a rock quintet from Tokyo. For our conversation, Kerriann has transcribed lyrics from Japanese to English of a song titled “Who Are You?” which will serve as a bit of a guidepost to our conversation. For fans of music that possess a high-octane energy such as The Get Up Kids, Kali Masi, Yellowcard and The Great Heights Band, I highly recommend making Mrs. Green Apple a staple in your record collection. Enjoy! Link in bio 😊🍏 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👋🤘


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