Episode 33: Sean Kelly -Crowded House / Together Alone

Episode 33 is now up on 🍏, Stitcher, google play and TuneIn! We sat down with musician Sean Kelly of the band A Fragile Tomorrow to discuss one of his all-time favorite records involving Neil Finn: Crowded House’s fourth studio record from 1993, Together Alone. We discussed in great detail the influence of record producer Youth at the helm, Sean’s introduction to the group, Together Alone’s “lyrical tapestries,” as well as A Fragile Tomorrow’s studio collaboration with keyboardist Mark Hart.
For those unfamiliar with this rock outfit from Australia/New Zealand, allow yourself to be transfixed with the beauty of these tunes. Enjoy! 🙌🙌🙌✌️☝️🏚
#CrowdedHouse #TogetherAlone
#NeilFinn #NickSeymour #PaulHester #MarkHart #Youth #1993 #PrivateUniverse #LockedOut #karekare


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