Episode 8: Eugene Foley / Van Halen I

Episode 8 is now up on 🍏 , google play, Stitcher and TuneIn ! I had the privilege to chat with Dr. Eugene Foley of Foley Entertainment. We step back in time to 1978 and discuss the debut record from the legendary and original Van Halen. Gene talks about the origins of the band, their connection to Gene Simmons of Kiss, VH’s musical influence on riders, and how blown away he was listening to Eddie Van Halen’s epic instrumental “Eruption” for the first time as a teenager. Enjoy! 👋☝️☝️☝️


#VanHalen #1978 #davidleeroth #diamonddave #eddievanhalen #EVH #wailinhalen #alexvanhalen #michaelanthony #runninwiththedevil #eruption #icecreamman #frankenstrat #covertocoverwithMT #music #podcasts

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