Cover to Cover – Intro Episode Available Thursday, August 8th!


An introductory episode is currently up on Google Play, Stitcher and TuneIn

Episode 1 will be available on Tuesday, Aug 13th.

Cover to Cover will also be posted in the Apple catalog. 🙂 Will let you know when it’s searchable there. 

I hope you’ll follow my program where it lives on the internet and in your telephone. 

Take it with you on your AM or PM commute!

Take it with you while you’re running errands or picking up your kids from school (yeah that’s just around the corner)…

And yup, you can get your fix of updates here too 😉
Facebook: @covertocoverconversations
Instagram: @covertocoverconversations
Twitter: @Cover2CoverConv

That’s all for now! Thank you for being an early listener! 

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